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How does Flow Fit work?

Flow Fit is a 6 week challenge unlike any other health & wellness challenge. Think of it like a hormonal bootcamp. After 6 weeks you will feel healthy, energetic and balanced. You will have eaten and trained to support the beautifully complicated and unique hormonal changes we experience every week as women. It will help to heal hormonal imbalance as well as improve metabolism and body composition.


Can I be part if I'm on the Pill or hormonal contraception?

YES! And if you're looking to transition OFF that, this is the best way to do it. It's important to prevent undesirable rebound hormonal changes when coming off the Pill.


How long until I see a change in my period?

3 months. Your current period is a reflection of what happened 3 months ago! This is because it takes about 100 days for the entire process of an egg to mature and then create a bleed (your period). So with a 6 week challenge phase with guidance and support this should give you the tools you need to continue the next 6 week maintenance phase on your own (or jump into another challenge if available). But don't worry! You will have the tools and education fly solo!


If I have an inflammatory condition like endo or PCOS is this right for me?

YES. Everything in Flow Fit has an aim to reduce inflammation in our entire body including our brain, so we can send the correct chemical messages to our body about what to make and what we need.


If I have a metabolic condition is this right for me? (PCOS or DMII)

YES. Our aim in on lowering inflammatory hormones like insulin and balancing blood sugar. We do this with specific macronutrient ratios, foods and supplements (when needed) which research supports has great metabolic outcomes.


How many plans are there?

As a woman, I know how to listen so you are truly heard. Right now we have 18 nutrition plans and 2 training programs to keep it simple. However, these numbers will continue to grow based on YOUR input AND we update the Nutrition Plans WEEKLY! You want a higher carb alternative with no rice? Another vegan option for 1800 calories? A regression on some of the exercises for Day 1? I'll make it happen.


What equipment do I need?

Ideally, you'll also have access to a Blood Pressure cuff (most pharmacies have DIY testing bays) and a Heart Rate Monitor (wrist or chest) that can measure your Resting Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability. Dependent upon what training program you are put into, you'll need a regular gym membership.


What are the RESULTS I can expect?

Better energy, moods and metabolism and a return of regular periods when they've been missing. Having done this 1 on 1 with so many clients over the years I have also seen less bloating, pain and PMS + transformations in skin, weight loss, appropriate hair gain (on heads!) and loss (on face!) ... AS WELL AS all the above!!


Can I do Flow Fit while being pregnant or breastfeeding?

You sure can! However you need to ignore the calories and eat to your satiety instead! Do what you can in terms of movement - and prioritise the movement that is right for you based on your bio markers. Balancing your hormones are going to help you feel like you have routine and rhythm in your life again - trust me - it's a gamechanger with a little one!


I have a gym membership but I don't feel confident in the gym at all! Can I cancel it?

Keep it!! Don’t cancel - I'll show you how to work your gym floor and feel confident!


I'm going through peri-menopause or menopause - is there any harm in joining this challenge?

Absolutely not!! The added benefit of the way we fuel is improved gut health, digestive health and stress resilience. The way we train (mostly resistance training) is also extremely beneficial for improving bone density - a very important apsect for older women who have lost the power of oestrogen to build strong bones.


My cycle is super regular. Do I need Flow Fit?

Your cycle can be regular to the hour but you can still experience hormonal imbalance. This includes PMS, bloating, pain and mood changes. If you experience any of those or other monthly symptoms, Flow Fit will be your best friend!